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2020Pinsuwan, K., Boonthum, C., Supasai, T., Sahasithiwat, S., Kumnorkaew, P. & Kanjanaboos, P.*Solar perovskite thin films with enhanced mechanical, thermal, UV, and moisture stability via vacuum-assisted depositionJournal of Materials Science13.44Kanjanaboos Lab
2020Wattanakull, P.,  Pissuwan, D.*Evaluation of T cells individually encapsulated within polyelectrolyte-coated gold nanorod shell after cryopreservation or −80 °C preservationThe International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials 22.263N-BMR Lab
2020 Pissuwan, D.* , Gazzana, C., Mongkolsuk, S., Cortie, M.B.Single and multiple detections of foodborne pathogens by gold nanoparticle assaysWiley Interdisciplinary Reviews-Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology, e158416.14N-BMR Lab
2020Phonchai, N., Khanantong, C., Kielar, F., Traiphol, R.*, Traiphol, N.*Enhancing thermal and chemical sensitivity of polydiacetylene colorimetric sensors: The opposite effect of zinc oxide nanoparticles23.131Traiphol Lab
2020Zin Swe, K., Naikaew, A., Kaewurai, P., Pansa-Ngat, P., Sahasithiwat, S., Kangkaew, L., Rugmai, S., Soontaranon, S., Kanjanaboos, P.Layered perovskite with compact morphology and reduced grain size via vacuum assisted crystallization for luminescence applicationsOptical Materials Express12.673Kanjanaboos Lab
2019Naikaew, A., Kumnorkaew, P., Supasai, T., Suwanna, S., Hunkao, R., Srikhirin, T., & Kanjanaboos, P.* (***Cover Feature of ChemNanoMat***)Enhancing High Humidity Stability of Quasi‐2D Perovskite Thin Films through Mixed Cation Doping and Solvent EngineeringChemNanoMat13.38Kanjanaboos Lab
2019Kaewurai, P., Ponchai, J., Amratisha, K., Naikaew, A., Swe, KZ., Pinsuwan, K., Boonthum, C., Sahasithiwat, S. & Kanjanaboos, P.*Enhancing violet photoluminescence of 2D perovskite thin films via swift cation doping and grain size reductionApplied Physics Express12.77Kanjanaboos Lab
2019Ponchai, J., Kaewurai, P., Boonthum, C., Pinsuwan, K., Supasai, T., Sahasithiwat, S. & Kanjanaboos, P.*Modifying morphology and defects of low-dimensional, semi-transparent perovskite thin films via solvent typeRSC Advances13.05Kanjanaboos Lab!divAbstract
2019Shaikh, J. S., Shaikh, N. S., Mali, S. S., Patil J. V., Beknalka S. A., Akhilesh, P. P., Tarwal, N. L., Kanjanaboos P., Hong, C. K., Kim. J. H. & Patil, P. S.*Quantum dot based solar cells: Role of nanoarchitectures, perovskite quantum dots and charge transporting layersChemSusChem17.8Kanjanaboos Lab
2019Chaicherd, S., Killingsworth, CM. Pissuwan, D.*Toxicity of gold nanoparticles in a commercial dietary supplement drink on connective tissue fibroblast cellsSN Applied Sciences2N/AN-BMR Lab
2019Juagwon, T., Lertvachirapaiboon, C., Shinbo, K., Kato, K., Srikhirin, T., Osotchan, T., Baba, A.*Detection of Human Immunoglobulin G by Transmission Surface Plasmon Resonance Using the In Situ Gold Nanoparticle Growth MethodIEICE Transactions on Electronics30.51Osotchan Lab
2019Mekseriwattana, W., Srisuk, S., Kriangsaksri, R., Niamsiri, N, Prapainop, K.*The Impact of Serum Proteins and Surface Chemistry on Magnetic Nanoparticle Colloidal Stability and Cellular Uptake in Breast Cancer CellsAAPS PharmSciTech22.45Prapainop Lab
2019Brindha, R., Ajith, S.S.R., Nandhini, M., Selvam, M.*, Subannajui, K., Khotmungkhun, K., Sakthipandi, K.Evaluation of anticorrosive behaviour of ZnO nanotetra-pods on a AZ91-grade Mg alloyBulletin of Materials Science20.87Subannajui Lab
2019Seetha, S., Saymung, R., Traiphol, R., Traiphol, N.*Controlling self-assembling and color-transition of polydiacetylene/zinc(II) ion/zinc oxide nanocomposites by varying pH: Effects of surface charge and head group dissociationJournal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry13.14Traiphol Lab
2019Khanantong, C., Charoenthai, N., Kielar, F., Traiphol, N., Traiphol, R.*Influences of bulky aromatic head group on morphology, structure and color-transition behaviors of polydiacetylene assemblies upon exposure to thermal and chemical stimuliColloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects23.131Traiphol Lab
2018Pipatpanukul, C., Kataphiniharn, C. Wangkam, T., Sutapun, B., Kitpoka, P., Kunakorn, M., Srikhirin, T.*Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) point of care for ABO-Rh(D) blood typingSensors and Actuators, B: Chemical12.555 Srikhirin Lab
2018Pipatpanukul, C., Takeya, S., Baba, A., Amarit, R., Somboonkaew, A., Sutapun, B., Kitpoka, P., Kunakorn, M., Srikhirin, T.*Rh blood phenotyping (D, E, e, C, c) microarrays using multichannel surface plasmon resonance imagingBiosensors and Bioelectronics19.518 Srikhirin Lab
2018Shaikh, J. S., Shaikh, N. S., Sheikh, A.D., Mali, S. S., Patil J. V., Pawar, K. K., Kanjanaboos P., Hong, C. K., Kim. J. H. & Patil, P. S.*Nanoarchitectures in dye-sensitized solar cells: metal oxides, oxide perovskites and carbon-based materials (Editors' Choice)Nanoscale17.37Kanjanaboos Lab!divAbstract
2018Boonthum, C., Pinsuwan, K., Ponchai, J., Srikhirin, T., & Kanjanaboos, P.*Reconditioning perovskite films in vapor environments through repeated cation dopingApplied Physics Express12.77Kanjanaboos Lab
2018Shaikh, J. S., Shaikh, N. S., Kharade, R., Beknalkar, S. A., Patil, J. V., Suryawanshi, M. P., Kanjanaboos, P., Hong, C. K. & Patil, P. S.*Symmetric supercapacitor: Sulphurized graphene and ionic liquidJournal of Colloid and Interface Science13.37Kanjanaboos Lab
2018Jityen, A., Jaisuthi, R., Osotchan, T.*Using various metal phthalocyanine mixed with graphite for selective electrodes of electronic tongue to classify several types of hot drinkJournal of Physics: Conference Series30.69Osotchan Lab
2018Boonniyom, S., Osotchan, T., Subannajui, K.*Fabrication and Properties of polyacrylic acid by ionic surfactant disturbance methodMicro and Nano Letters30.84Subannajui Lab
2018Boonniyom, S., Osotchan, T., Subannajui, K.*Hot embossing of anodic aluminium oxide on high-density polyethylene: A deeper understanding based on hard surface coatingMicro and Nano Letters30.84Subannajui Lab
2018Potai, R., Faisadcha, K., Traiphol, R., Traiphol, N.*Controllable thermochromic and phase transition behaviors of polydiacetylene/zinc(II) ion/zinc oxide nanocomposites via photopolymerization: An insight into the molecular levelColloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects23.131Traiphol Lab
2018Khanantong, C., Charoenthai, N., Wacharasindhu, S., Sukwattanasinitt, M., Traiphol, N., Traiphol, R.*Influences of solvent media on chain organization and thermochromic behaviors of polydiacetylene assemblies prepared from monomer with symmetric alkyl tailsJournal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry14.978Traiphol Lab
2018Khanantong, C., Charoenthai, N., Phuangkaew, T., Kielar, F., Traiphol, N., Traiphol, R.*Phase transition, structure and color-transition behaviors of monocarboxylic diacetylene and polydiacetylene assemblies: The opposite effects of alkyl chain lengthColloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects23.131Traiphol Lab
2018Boriboon D, Vongsetskul T*, Limthongkul P, Kobsiriphat W, Tammawat P.Cellulose ultrafine fibers embedded with titania particles as a high performance and eco-friendly separator for lithium-ion batteriesCarbohydrate Polymers 16.04Vongsetskul Lab
2018Nakpetpoon, W., Vongsetskul, T.*, Limthongkul, P., Tammawat, P. Disodium terephthalate ultrafine fibers as high performance anode material for sodium-ion batteries under high current density conditionsJournal of the Electrochemical Society13.66Vongsetskul Lab
2017Saen-Isara, T., Dechkunakorn, S.*E, Anuwongnukroh, N., Srikhirin, T., Tanodekaew, S., Wichai, WInfluence of the cross-linking agent on mechanical properties of PMMA powder with compromised particle morphologyInternational Orthodontics30.35 Srikhirin Lab
2017Supanitayanon, L., Dechkunakorn, S.*, Anuwongnukroh, N., , Roongrujimek, P., Tua-Ngam, P.Mechanical and physical properties of various types of dental flossKey Engineering Materials30.35 Srikhirin Lab
2017Santiketa, N., Pipatpanukul, C., Srikhirin, T., Uttayarat, P., Puttharugsa, C.*Reuse of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) chip using UV ozone technique for SPR imager in blood groups typingSensor Letters40.32 Srikhirin Lab
2017Kamonwanon, P., Hirose, N., Yamaguchi, S., Srikhirin, T., Imazato, S.*Sio2-nanocomposite film coating of cad/cam composite resin blocks improves surface hardness and reduces susceptibility to bacterial adhesionDental Materials Journal14.07 Srikhirin Lab
2017Akhadejdamrong, T., Rojanapitayakorn, P., Kumnorkaew, P., Rojanapitayakorn, P., Srikhirin, T.*Study the effect of coating thickness from silica nanocomposite deposited on poly(Methyl methacrylate) sheets via spray coating techniqueMaterials Science Forum30.39 Srikhirin Lab
2017Peungthum, P., Sudprasert, K., Amarit, R.,, Kunakorn, M., Srikhirin, T.*Surface plasmon resonance imaging for ABH antigen detection on red blood cells and in saliva: Secretor status-related ABO subgroup identificationAnalyst10.826 Srikhirin Lab
2017Jang, Y., Rani, A., Quan, L., Adinolfi, V., Kanjanaboos, P., Ouellette, O., Son, T., Jang, Y., Chung, K., Kwon, H., Kim, D., Kim, D. H.*, & Sargent E. H.*Graphene Oxide Shells on Plasmonic Nanostructures Lead to High-Performance Photovoltaics: A Model Study Based on Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsACS Energy Letters112.27Kanjanaboos Lab
2017Shaikh, J. S., Shaikh, N. S., Sheikh, A.D., Mali, S. S., Kale, A. J., Kanjanaboos P., Hong, C. K., Kim. J. H. & Patil, P. S.*Perovskite solar cells: In pursuit of efficiency and stabilityMaterials & Design13.5Kanjanaboos Lab
2017Griesemer, S., You, S., Kanjanaboos, P., Calabro, M., Jaeger, H. M., Rice, S. A., & Lin B.*The role of ligands in the mechanical properties of Langmuir nanoparticle filmsSoft Matter13.89Kanjanaboos Lab!divAbstract
2017Sukwong, P., Kongseng, S., Chaicherd, S., Yoovathaworn, K., Tubtimkuna, S.,  Pissuwan, D.*Comparison effects of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on immune cells in adaptive and innate immune systemIET Nanobiotechnology22.059N-BMR Lab
2017Pissuwan, D.*, Hattori, Y.Detection of adhesion molecules on inflamed macrophages at early-stage using SERS probe gold nanorodsNano-Micro Letters17.381N-BMR Lab
2017Jityen, A., Juagwon, T., Jaisuthi, R., Osotchan, T.*Investigation of using wavelet analysis for classifying pattern of cyclic voltammetry signalsJournal of Physics: Conference Series30.69Osotchan Lab
2017Salea, A. Dasaesamoh, A. Prathumwan, R. Kongkaew, T. Subannajui, K.*CuFeO2 formation using fused deposition modeling 3D printing and sintering techniqueJournal of Physics: Conference Series32.11Subannajui Lab
2017Udomsanti, P., Vongsetskul, T.*, Limthongkul, P., Tangboriboonrat, P., Subannajui, K., Tammawat, P.Interpenetrating network of titania and carbon ultrafine fibers as hybrid anode materials for high performance sodium-ion batteriesElectrochimica Acta15.116Subannajui Lab
2017Salea, A., Prathumwan, R., Junpha, J., Subannajui, K.*Metal oxide semiconductor 3D printing: Preparation of copper(II) oxide by fused deposition modelling for multi-functional semiconducting applicationsJournal of Materials Chemistry C16.641Subannajui Lab
2017Traiphol, N.*, Chanakul, A., Kamphan, A., Traiphol, R.Role of Zn2 + ion on the formation of reversible thermochromic polydiacetylene/zinc oxide nanocompositesJournal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry14.978Traiphol Lab
2017Kamphan, A., Khanantong, C., Traiphol, N., Traiphol, R.*Structural-thermochromic relationship of polydiacetylene (PDA)/polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) nanocomposites: Effects of PDA side chain length and PVP molecular weightJournal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry14.978Traiphol Lab
2017Kamphan, A., Gong, C., Maiti, K., Sur, S., Traiphol, R., Arya, D.P.*Utilization of chromic polydiacetylene assemblies as a platform to probe specific binding between drug and RNARSC Advances13.049Traiphol Lab
2017Chanakul, A., Traiphol, R., Traiphol, N.*Utilization of polydiacetylene/zinc oxide nanocomposites to detect and differentiate organic bases in various mediaJournal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry14.978Traiphol Lab 25 January 2017
2017Udomsanti, P., Vongsetskul, T.*, Limthongkul, P., Tangboriboonrat, P., Subannajui, K., Tammawat, P.Interpenetrating network of titania and carbon ultrafine fibers as hybrid anode materials for high performance sodium-ion batteriesElectrochimica Acta15.38Vongsetskul Lab
2016Wongkhamprai, P., Jariyaboon, M.*Effect of Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Wall.ex Nees extract on corrosion of low C-steel in 0.1 M HClAnti-Corrosion Methods and Materials30.61Jariyaboon Lab
2016Yassitepe E, Yang Z., Voznyy O., Kim Y., Walters G., Castañeda J. A., Kanjanaboos P., Yuan M., Gong X., Fan F., Pan J., Hoogland S, Comin R, Bakr O. M., Padilha L. A., Nogueira A. F. & Sargent E. H.*Amine-Free Synthesis of Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite Quantum Dots for Efficient Light-Emitting DiodesAdvanced Functional Materials112.12Kanjanaboos Lab
2016Wang, R., Shang, Y., Kanjanaboos P., Wenjia Z., Ning Z. & Sargent, E.H.*Colloidal Quantum Dot Ligand Engineering for High Performance Solar CellsEnergy & Environmental Science129.52Kanjanaboos Lab!divAbstract
2016Xu, J., Voznyy, O., Comin, R., Gong, X., Walters, G., Liu, M., Kanjanaboos, P., Lan, X. & Sargent, E.H.*Crosslinked Remote-Doped Hole-Extracting Contacts Enhance Stability under Accelerated Lifetime Testing in Perovskite Solar Cells.Advanced Materials119.79Kanjanaboos Lab
2016Lan, X., Voznyy, O., Kiani, A., García de Arquer, F., Abbas, A., Kim, G-H., Liu, M., Yang, Z., Walters, G., Xu, J., Yuan, M., Ning, Z., Fan, F., Kanjanaboos, P., Kramer, I., Zhitomirsky, D., Lee, P., Perelgut, A., Hoogland, S., & Sargent E. H.*Passivation using Molecular Halides Increases Quantum Dot Solar Cell PerformanceAdvanced Materials119.79Kanjanaboos Lab
2016Yuan, M., Quan, L., Comin, R., Walters, G., Sabatini, R., Voznyy, O., Hoogland, S., Zhao, Y., Beauregard, E., Kanjanaboos, P., Lu, Z., Kim, D. H., & Sargent, E. H.*Perovskite energy funnels for efficient light-emitting diodesNature Nanotechnology138.99Kanjanaboos Lab
2016Adinolfi, V., Yuan, M., Comin, R., Thibau, E., Shi, D., Saidaminov, M., Kanjanaboos, P., Kopilovic, D., Hoogland, S., Lu, Z-H., Bakr, O., & Sargent, E. H.*The In-Gap Electronic State Spectrum of Methylammonium Lead Iodide Single-Crystal PerovskitesAdvanced Materials119.79Kanjanaboos Lab
2016 Kongseng, S., Yoovathaworn, K., Wongprasert, K., Chunhabundit, R., Sukwong, P.,Pissuwan, D.*Cytotoxic and inflammatory responses of TiO2 nanoparticles on human peripheral blood mononuclear cellsJournal of Applied Toxicology23.159N-BMR Lab
2016Sukwong, P., Somkid, K. Kongseng, S.,Pissuwan, D.*, Yoovathaworn, K.Respiratory tract toxicity of titanium dioxide nanoparticles and multi-walled carbon nanotubes on mice after intranasal exposureMicro & Nano Letters30.853N-BMR Lab
2016Subannajui, K.*Super-fast synthesis of ZnO nanowires by microwave air-plasmaChemical Communications 16.164Subannajui Lab
2016 Subannajui, K.*The study of thermal interaction and microstructure of sodium silicate/bentonite composite under microwave radiationMaterial Chemistry and Physics22.21Subannajui Lab
2016Thonggoom, O.*, Punrattanasin, N., Srisawang, N., Promawan, N., Thonggoom, R., In vitro controlled release of clove essential oil in self-assembly of amphiphilic polyethylene glycol-block-polycaprolactoneJournal of Microencapsulation31.58Thonggoom Lab
2016Kamphan, A., Charoenthai, N., Traiphol, R.*Colorimetric sensing of various organic acids by using polydiacetylene/zinc oxide nanocomposites: Effects of polydiacetylene and acid structuresColloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects23.131Traiphol Lab
2016Sansee,A. ,Kamphan, A., Traiphol, R., Kielar, F.*Embedding luminescent iridium complex into polydiacetylene vesicles as a means of development of responsive luminescent system for imaging applicationsColloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects23.131Traiphol Lab
2016Kamphan, A., Charoenthai, N.*, Traiphol R.*Fine tuning the colorimetric response to thermal and chemical stimuli of polydiacetylene vesicles by using various alcohols as additivesColloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects23.131Traiphol Lab
2016Sansee, A. ,Meksawangwong, S. ,Chainok K., Franz, K.J. , Gál, M. , Pålsson, L.-O., Puniyan, W. ,Traiphol , R. , Pal , R.* , Kielar F.*Novel aminoalkyl tris-cyclometalated iridium complexes as cellular stainsDalton Transactions14.052Traiphol Lab
2016 Kamphan, A., Traiphol, N., Traiphol, R.*Versatile route to prepare reversible thermochromic polydiacetylene nanocomposite using low molecular weight poly(vinylpyrrolidone)Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects23.131Traiphol Lab
2016Vongsetskul, T.*, Phurayar, P., Chutimasakul, T., Tuchinda, P., Uamsiri, S., Kumkate, S., Pearngam, P., Jitpibull, J., Samphaongern, C., Tangboriboonrat, P.Acanthus ebracteatus Vahl. extract-loaded cellulose acetate ultrafine fibers as a topical carrier for controlled-release applicationsPolymer Bulletin20.54Vongsetskul Lab